May 2016
Well...May has been an interesting month. The Induction pieces are still evolving...and they are keeping me focused on the process of creating, which is my favorite part of all this. Lots of new pieces completed, and more coming for my July show at Archival Gallery. My site gallery has new photos, and there will be more soon. Some of these things are tricky to photograph, and best seen in person, so come see them if you can.

My band Furschitzen played two of our best shows in Sacramento and one in Fairfax. Keyboard, drums, and 100% improv. We don't have songs, we make everything up as we go. That is an amazing freedom, and when it flows, it's magical. It's inspiring to do things in a live setting where we can't go back and redo anything. I'm trying to bring some of that into my visual artwork. There is something important to me about learning as I move forward creatively, not getting hung up on small mistakes, and making sure the overall effect is more important than the details.

I went to Las Vegas for a wedding....two of my long time friends were married, and it was one of the most beautiful experiences I've ever been a part of. They are very special to me and both are creative, wonderful people. I wish them greatness.

After Vegas, I returned to thinking of my Induction pieces and creative artifacts. Creation = artifacts, and tonight a TV show left me with a great one. It featured a writer/poet named Jim Harrison, who lived in Montana and died shortly after this show was taped. The show ended with one of his poems on the screen...I think it's beautiful.

The moon comes up.
The moon goes down.
This is to inform you
that I didn't die young.
Age swept past me
but I caught up.
Spring has begun here and each day
brings new birds up from Mexico.
Yesterday I got a call from the outside world
but I said no in thunder.
I was a dog on a short chain
and now there's no chain.
August 2016
Thanks to everyone who came out to my opening at Archival. and a special thanks to D for the extra time it took to hang those pieces....I think she did an amazing job! The show was a success in many ways, but now I'm excited to be back at work. I've made some new assemblage pieces...some of them are made from parts of older, unfinished, or broken pieces of mine, and some from found objects, driftwood, and recycled junk I pick up at the river or along roads around town. The building process is very direct and unplanned, and I'm working on a few pieces at a time. I'm trying to throw out most of my rule book and just let the work happen in an improvisational way. So far, so good...

I recently went to the SF MOMA and I was incredibly moved by the Rauschenberg pieces. They seem to be improvised and even messy, but each piece feels structured and cohesive...definitely ideas I want to work with.

I'm showing a few of my new assemblage pieces this month at Archival in a group show called "What I Did On My Summer Vacation". There are new pieces in my gallery, many more in the works, and a few surprises coming stay tuned and I hope everyone has a great rest of the summer.
November 2016
Daylight savings time is here...which means shorter days and wider pieces of art! Some of the new pieces are five feet wide or more. I'm using numbers and letters on some, and no stencils on others. I'm really liking them.....they seem to be evolving, and that's usually a good thing. I like that I struggle and learn with each one. I'm also working on some mixed media assemblages and some small drift wood pieces.

I have a few pieces in a collaboration show with William Ishmael this month at Archival Gallery. He collaborated with fifteen artists, and the results are really great. He's a bold artist who always strives to learn and push his work.

I also have a piece in a group show at ARC Gallery in San Francisco this month. The juror Kim Larson, from Modern Eden Gallery, picked my piece
Third Person to be included. For more info check out ARC's website: ARC Gallery.

Check out my gallery for my latest work and stay tuned for new pieces...I will be updating my site again over the next couple of months. Happy Thanksgiving! gobble, gobble...
January 2017
Happy New Year!!!
I hope everyone had a great 2016. For me it was a very successful year... I met new people and pushed my art in new directions. I struggled as much as I ever have with my work, and I learned some things about myself and my art in the process. I'm hoping for more of the same in 2017.

I want to thank everyone who came to my shows last year and supported my growth as an artist. I'm looking forward to experimenting with new ideas as well as working on some old ones that are still simmering...

These new pieces make me feel calm. Even though the process of making them is partly chaos and chance, there are elements of control and planning that come through in the finished work. The results for me are pieces that seem to have a history and a modern totems.

I will be updating my gallery with new work later this month so check back soon and see what's happening.

May 2017
Last month I camped in Death Valley. It was everything I thought it would be, and more. It was one of the most amazing experiences I've ever had. Seeing the amount of open space and the scale of the surrounding mountains constantly challenged my brain's ability to make sense of it. It was surreal, and it was felt as much as it was seen. It has the lowest point in North America at 282 feet below sea level and a mountain peak that's over 11,000 feet high, and those two spots are 15 miles apart!
It is a very humbling place and it seems sacred for some reason. If you're on the dirt roads, which is where we camped, it seems like you are the only people on earth. That can be alarming on some levels, but overall it's intensely peaceful. The word magical kept coming to mind. There is a power there that still resonates with me weeks after being back. I loved everything about it...the openess and solitude, dramatic elevation changes, the unspoiled naturalness of it, and of course the colors. It was very green in places with the dirt and rocks ranging from white and gray, to red, brown, purple, and black. The wildflowers were blooming and absolutely beautiful. They were mostly yellow, purple, and white, with some pink and orange mixed in.
I made a few new pieces of art before the trip with Death Valley in mind, but I came back with more inspiration than I could have hoped for. I took about two hundred photos, some as panoramics that I put together in Photoshop. The smallest, seen below, is made from three photos, the largest was made from over twenty photos. If you look closely in the photo below you can see the one way dirt road we drove on getting smaller and smaller...the depth and distances were difficult to realize.
The pieces of art I have made since coming back are personal in a way that my art before was not. I'm making pieces based on my feelings and memories of Death Valley. They are in the format of panoramic photos, and are spray paint on cut strips of wood. They are separate images, painted one at a time, that work individually as sections of Death Valley seen from different viewpoints and/or different times of day, and also work together to make a bigger, more complete image of Death Valley. Jean-Paul Sartre, in a commentary on Albert Camus's book The Stranger, said each sentence is a separate thought, distinct from the one before, and exists in it's own reality, but when put together in paragraphs they combine to make a bigger reality and meaning. I like to think of my Death Valley pieces in this way, and I believe through my experience there and some hard work, I might have brought some magic back with me.

I'm showing new art at Benko Gallery in South Lake Tahoe starting on May 20th through June. Thanks John! If you happen to visit Tahoe, please go check it out, it's a great gallery with lots of great art and it's close to the casinos.

In June I'm showing a new piece in a show called BLUE at the Sebastopol Center for the Arts in Sebastopol. Luckily for me, I really like the color blue.

The Crocker Art Museum's
Big Names Small Art will feature one of my pieces this month, and another will be in their Art Auction in June.

Finally, in August I will be showing at Archival Gallery in Sacramento with the amazing Maureen Hood. She is one of my favorite artists and I'm inspired by her work. I will be showing the new Death Valley pieces so please come check it out.
July 2017
Anyway...Death Valley is still there, even though I feel I brought a lot of it back with me. It continues to be the focus of most of my art, and I'm very excited about the new pieces. I'm experimenting a lot, and that is always a good thing for me, because it keeps me moving forward and forces me to make creative choices.

I'm showing the new work next month at Archival Gallery. Maureen Hood is also showing new work, and I couldn't be happier sharing a show with her. I think this show is going to be beautiful and inspiring.

The photo above is inspiring to me...I can still feel what it was like sitting there in a chair drinking tea and watching the sun slowly come up. It was the start of a new day and it felt like beautiful things were about to be revealed. When I work on the Death Valley pieces I have a similar feeling, as if every day is a new opportunity for an adventure. I like to think, at their best, the pieces might capture some of the beauty, power, serenity, and chaos of that amazing place.

In September I'm taking part in Verge's Sac Open Studios. I will be in my studio (garage/driveway), listening to music and probably painting so come out and say hi. In October I will have a Death Valley piece in the KVIE Art Auction, which is always a great event.

It's been over 100° lately, and that's hot....but at least it's not Death Valley hot. Stay cool...
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August 2017
My show at Archival is dedicated to a good friend who lost his life last month. I met him when I was in junior high school. Over the last few years he stopped by my studio often to hang out and see whatever I was working on. He always had interesting ideas and suggestions about art and was always happy to see my pieces come to life. He was a talented guitar player, appreciated all kinds of people and art, and was a huge supporter of mine. He also loved color and being outdoors.......I think Death Valley and my new pieces would have made him smile.
November 2017
This is one of the new pieces I'm working on. The painting part of it is done, now I have to put it all together. There are quite a few steps in building these things and, luckily, I like all the steps. I have twelve new Death Valleys painted, and they are taller and wider than the previous ones. I really like the bigger panels, they allow me to experiment more with different painting techiniques, and I'm able to blend the colors better and have the option of smoother transitions. The pieces are becoming more powerful and subtle at the same time. I feel I'm learning with each one, and as long as I'm experimenting and taking chances, and not getting too hung up on the outcome, I think they will continue to get better and better.

As long as I'm talking about Death Valley again, I should mention I'm planning on going back! Either right after Christmas, or early next Spring. It's been on my mind since the day I got back from the last trip. I plan on seeing some of the same spots, but I will definitely see some new parts of the park. Certain things in my life, I just don't question...the power and inspiration of Death Valley is one of them.

I wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving and don't forget to sometimes just stop and look at can change your life. peace.
Thanks to everyone who came out to my show in August! A special thanks to D. at Archival for giving me a show with Maureen Hood...the show looked beautiful and was very special to me. It was a success on many levels and I think it was a sign of good things to come. I've been busy since the show...yes, painting more Death Valley pieces. I had two Death Valleys in Bold Expressions, a national juried show at the Sacramento Fine Arts Center, where Death Valley 2 won the Evelyn Michell Memorial Award. I have three new pieces at STUDIO Gallery in San Francisco, one of them is pictured above. The show is called tiny, with each piece being smaller than 7" x 7". I also have a couple of Induction pieces in the gallery. It's my first time showing at STUDIO and I'm excited to be part of the show. I still have work at the Benko Gallery in South Lake Tahoe, so if you're in the area, stop in and check it's a great gallery showing very unique artwork.
December 2017
I spent a lot of time this year working on art and trying to be a healthier person. I changed a few things in the way I make art, which led to new discoveries, and I changed my diet, which led to feeling better. Feeling better allowed me to have more energy and focus while working, and I've never enjoyed making art as much as I have this past year. I feel a purpose and a sense of confidence that wasn't there before. I'm still making Induction pieces, like the one above, and my Death Valley pieces continue to evolve. I also started a new series called Ascending. These pieces combine driftwood, found objects, and paint. They will usually have a "wing" of some kind and they will represent the challenge to progress in life and rise above the past, looking forward with an open mind, and the idea that I can become whatever, or whoever I want.

The image below is a panorama of Death Valley, and was taken from the campsite. The road leading off to the left ends at sand dunes which are over a mile away. I hope to camp somewhere near this spot again next Spring. It's incredibly peaceful and it's one of the places that inspired me to paint with more purpose and feeling.
The image below is the most recent Death Valley piece. It's #40 in the series. It measures 18 inches tall by 5 feet wide, making it the tallest one so far. You can see a bigger image of it in the gallery, which is updated and has most of the new pieces. I'm excited to start painting Death Valleys again, and after my next visit I'm sure I'll have new ideas. I also hope to bring back more of the magic, peace, and inspiration I feel when I'm there.
I have three exhibits scheduled next year, two of them in San Francisco and one here in Sacramento. I'm excited about all of them. It's going to be a lot of work, but I'm definitely up for it. I couldn't be happier with my recent work and I believe it will continue to get better.

I want to thank everyone who helped make this a great year for my art. I hope everyone has a great Holiday Season and enters the new year with an open mind and confidence.

"The self is only that which it is in the process of becoming."
-Søren Kierkegaard
March 2018
sweetness and light
a beautiful reminder to smile more
you brought out the best in me and gave me joy every day
you offered love with an open invitation
playful, intelligent, always comforting
strong-willed, but patient
full of energy, but calming
you lifted my spirits and anchored me
we grew together and learned together, connected
a small body with a big spirit, you made people feel good,
and your heart never stopped growing
our bond was a special gift
sweet, beautiful, and life changing
thank you my sweet Mojo
May 2018
I want to thank everyone who saw my show at Archival in was my favorite show yet. A special thanks to D. at Archival for giving me the entire space. There's still something about Death Valley that inspires me and because of that, I think the pieces are getting better and better. When I look at them I feel calm and excited at the same time (I didn't know that was possible!) and I will explore them more soon.
I'm in the process of making a group of small Induction pieces for a show at ARC Gallery in San Francisco. They are made to set on any flat surface. I was invited to be in the show with sixteen artists, each making sixteen small pieces. The show is in August, and should be neat...more info later.
My other show in April was at STUDIO Gallery in San Francisco...these are the artists I showed with: T. Garrett Eaton and Kate Barrengos. It was a really beautiful show. Jen and Rab at STUDIO did an amazing job of picking artists with different styles but common elements, and the pieces were hung in a way that allowed those elements to flow together as you moved around the gallery. It was a successful show for all of us, and it was great meeting them and talking about art. I'm very happy to have been invited to show at STUDIO...I think it's a good sign of things to come.

Later this month I will have pieces in The Crocker Art Museum's annual Art Auction and their Big Names Small Art auction. Death Valley 36 will be in the main auction, and Induction 90 will be in BNSA. These are great events and I'm proud to be a part of them again this year.

I'm taking part in Verge's Open Studios tour again in September. Last year was fun and I'm looking forward to this year's event. Also, I'll have a Death Valley piece in the KVIE Art Auction in Sept.

Thanks for looking...peace.
August 2018
July was a busy month in the studio. I finished four new Death Valley pieces and about twenty Inductions. The new Death Valleys make me very happy...they are large pieces that evoke different feelings simutaneously, they are powerful and energetic, yet calming. The Inductions will be shown at ARC Gallery in San Francisco later this month in a show called FourSquared.

In September I will have work at Archival Gallery in a group show called
The Box It Came In, where each piece of art is made from a cigar box. The piece above is a collaboration between Maureen Hood and myself called le Voyeur. It was an honor to work with her on this piece. She's one of my favorite artists. We seemed to exchange ideas really well and the piece evolved naturally. It's great when different styles and sensibilities come together to create something neither artist would have come up with on their own. We're both very happy with the way it turned out. I made another cigar box piece on my own called Smoke, you can view it in the gallery. It's a light box made with flickering multi-colored LED lights, a screenprint, and layers of polycarbonate.

Earlier this month I visited Al Farrow at his studio in San Rafael. He was kind enough to take a few hours and show me his new work and his studio. He's incredibly talented and motivated and a real inspiration to me. He took the time to show me how he applies chemicals to different metals, before and after building a piece, to achieve specific patinas. He talked about his creative process from designing to building, and showed me how he makes large, complicated structures from many small parts. His work is intricate, thoughful, scary, and absolutely incredible...if you have not seen it, check it out.

Also this month, I have a piece in a group show called
The Written Word at STUDIO Gallery in San Francisco. It's art inspired by books and writing, and I'm showing Induction 69, which is spray paint on wood, and contains letters and numbers as well as abstracted sections painted on individual strips of wood. Next month, as part of Verge's Open Studios, my studio will be open to the public Sept. 15-16. Like last year, I'm planning on giving away lots of freebies and there will be lots of new and older art for sale, so come by and check it out.