40" x 19" x 7"
wood frame, spray paint, plexi, toy dinosaurs, clock body, bracelet, clock face, saw blade, deli forks, artificial grapes, artificial apple, toy army men, cauliflower magnet, plastic baby, cotume jewelry necklace, bullet casing, dice, prescription glasses, wooden duck, toy figurines, dart
How One Becomes What One Is: A Poem
overall: 48" x 30" x 6"
wood, spray paint, driftwood, gold leaf, paper money with collage, water pistol, spray paint, mirror, pocket knife, toy dinosaur, circuit board, bearing caster, hand mixer, saw blade, caster, toy C-3PO, bicycle chain, 6-speed cassette, guitar tuner
To My Dear Affinity
15" x 23" x 6"
wood, spray paint, paint, watering can, plexi, plastic heart, page from a novel, bric-a-brac, whistle, fake jewels, drift wood, Barbie doll, artificial apple, keys to a '74 Grand Torino, weed whacker line, sea shell, marble

Nostalgia Neuralgia
9" x 13" x 7"
wood tray, glass ashtrays, heart-shaped box, light bulb,
beaded necklace